Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Cessation of Fear

I keep thinking what I really ought to do is to write a letter to one of my favorite authors, someone who happens to be a great travel writer and ask him for his advice on how I might begin to attempt a career in travel writing. However I have one very large problem. I am a wuss and I live in fear. Because of this I live in fear and convince myself not to take risks. For instance I have convinced myself that there is no point in writing to Bill Bryson because he would never read the letter himself and even if he did, he would never respond to it. A rational person would think, hey I've got nothing to lose, why not, but not me. So maybe today should be the day I step up and take that chance. Maybe I should decide to start failing instead of failing to live.

To Do:
Write a letter to Bill Bryson
Figure out where to send letter


Blogger Anastasia said...

Did you write that letter?
If not.
Why not?

10:27 AM  

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