Thursday, March 10, 2005

Interview # 8

I had a job interview today, my second this week. Interviewing for jobs is a hellish, humiliating process, but this one was especially so for several reasons. When the recruiter called me I could not tell him what the position I was applying for was. You might find this strange, that I was applying for a position and didn't even know what the title of said position was. Well, I of course did not want the recruiter to find it strange, so I was forced to admit to him that my father had met a woman in his department at a dinner and passed on my resume. This made me feel approximately twelve years old. Later, in a conversation with my father I asked him where to park and he gave me excellent instructions on where to park and how to have my ticket validated. What he neglected to mention was that in my decrepit, embarrassing hand-me-down minivan the parking garage would be reminiscent of Alice In Wonderland. My van was just almost too large for the garage. As I slowly climbed the spiral (who ever thought spiraling parking garages were a good idea had something seriously wrong with them) I cursed my car and the situation and became more tense. terrific.

In the end there was no interview. The recruiter was home sick today and had neglected to let me know.


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