Monday, March 07, 2005

memory of perfect day

When I awoke and saw the scatterings of white-washed buildings one expects to see in Greece my heart fluttered a bit, this was the Greece I had come for!
I had more fun in this joyful, casual little town than anywhere I've ever visited. The buildings were whiter than you could imagine, the sky and water are bluer than I could begin to describe. The flowers were sprawling hanging and bright - reds, yellows and more often hot pink. The trim and church domes were painted in turqoise and brick red. These are the colors that when seen in a painting one fancies the artist took liberties and perfected them by enhancing everything to be bright and stunning.
The sun was strong, hot and dry and the streets narrow and winding with the inhabitants zipping by on their mopeds.
Even the coffee and wine was intense, it seemed the only thing that wasn't so potent was the attitude of the people. They walked slowly, draped themselves casually in doorjams conversing with shopkeepers and seemed entirely nonplussed about life.

I could spend my life strolling the lazy perfection of this ouzo laced town.


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