Saturday, May 28, 2005

I've Been Naughty...

Okay, well not really, but I've neglected my blog for almost no good reason.Last week for seemingly no reason at all, my dear little laptop, which was gifted to me once my sister decided it was too old and unstable for her to depend upon anymore and bought a new one. I, being a poor newlywed have no such luxury, almost everything I own was acquired as a hand-me-down, purchased for $2.75 at a garage sale or was a wedding gift (it's interesting to own the grubbiest couch ever and at the same time the best coffeepot imaginable - really.)Anyway, I came home from work, and sat down at my hand-me-down coffee table, thrilled to have plenty of fodder for my pathetic little blog, turned on my little-laptop-that-could...turned on my little-laptop-that-could... turned on my little-laptop-that-could, screamed, threw my little-laptop-that-couldn't at the wall...Okay, so I didn't really throw the laptop, I made some scary growling noises and yelled some and my husband pushed me out the way so he could fruitlessly attempt to turn on my laptop before I could kill him or complete my transition. Then, we tucked it away in the corner of the study and sadly covered it with a blanket so I wouldn't have to look at it. My sister's response? "Oh, yeah sometimes it refuses to turn off too, why do you think I bought a new one??"Obviously, it has decided to grace me with its feeble presence for a little while longer.
(strokes the laptop lovingly.)

*forgive me for my laziness in posting the exact same explanation on both of my blogs.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Shopping Cart Laziness

Today while I waiting to meet up with my mom at a local store I watched a woman pull her empty shopping cart up to the front of the store, in front of a display outside, approximately 10 feet from the front door of the store before returning to her car. She couldn't walk the extra 10 feet to bring the cart inside? She couldn't walk the cart an equal distance to a cart corral? When I saw this I looked around the parking lot for other examples of this particular brand of laziness, I counted at least 7 empty shopping carts stranded in various areas of the parking lot, and those are just the ones I could see from where I was sitting.
The reason I was sitting outside? It was a nice day, somewhat sunny and very warm, which is precisely why I can't decipher why someone would choose to be so lazy and inconsiderate. Unfortunately we all know this happens all the time. I admit I have even been the culprit once or twice (although the times fell victim to this trait it was storming and I was in my nicest suit.)
The reason I bring this up is that I believe this to be the epitome of American laziness. We are lazy and egotistical, we choose not to think of the workers at the store who have to go out and collect these carts, but think only of ourselves and the fact that we would rather not trot across the parking lot to put the cart in the designated area.

Monday, May 16, 2005

NBC, Teaching America's Children its OK to Quit

I am so sick of NBC. Every time I get into a good new show and I actually get excited they cancel it before it even has a chance, but they keep shows like The Biggest Loser and The Office. The Office may be hugely popular in the U.K. and the U.S. version maybe critically acclaimed, but it's ratings blow and its just not funny. I generally like NBC shows over other networks, however this season they have cancelled at least 4 shows I really liked without giving them a shot for people to even figure out they are on. Every time I start to get attached to a show and start telling my friends how great it is, it's already too late. The result? I watch shows on CBS and ABC because at least there is a chance those shows might remain for a whole year or two. My biggest problem is that apparently NBC has decided that if something isn't instantly a massive hit there is no way it ever will be. Stop saying it's okay to be a quitter! Last Comic Standing?? Cancelled before the last episode! How much could it possibly cost to let people see who won?? It's getting to the point where my only choices are reality shows, shows which actually should have been cancelled 17 years ago, or one of the 800 Law & Order spinoffs (which I actually like, but I'd like be able to watch a sitcom now and then!)

Some of NBCs screw-ups (mostly recent):
  • Committed
  • LAX
  • Hawaii
  • American Dreams
  • Sports Night
  • Law & Order : Trial by Jury
  • Good Morning, Miami

So I propose everyone who can relate should write in to NBC and tell them to knock off these shenanigans! Tell them enough is enough and to bring back Committed!! NBC apparently does not feel the need to listen to what viewers think by actually listing an address or a customer service email on their website so I suggest sending your comments to the email they have set up for sports related questions, they'll forward your comments to the appropriate person and if it bothers them, its their own damn fault for not making it easier for their customers to voice concerns!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

My Husband Has a One-Track Mind

We live in an apartment complex. There is a building very close to ours, so that when we walk into our bedroom the first thing we see is a window which looks immediately into our neighbor in the next building's window. This is not something we thought anything of until about a year ago when naked girl moved in. This does provide for some amusement in the sense that we are able to make jokes about ugly-naked-guy on Friends. Naked girl is not ugly, but she does tend to walk around naked and leave her blinds open. We had forgotten about her for a while now, because the blinds in her bedroom have been shut. She does however, leave her living room blinds open.

Last evening my husband was doing some laundry (isn't he awesome?) and went into our bedroom to retrieve the next load. When he came back into our laundry room he was laughing very hard. Turns out that naked girl has a boyfriend, well we assume she does. She has a very hairy, male friend who was also walking around naked last night. Well... to be honest they weren't doing much walking exactly, but there was a LOT of movement, which they seemed to be enjoying soundly.

This morning as we were leaving church, my husband started giggling, when I asked him why, all he could say was "naked girl got banged in her living room!" Periodically throughout the day the giggling has continued. To be honest though, I'm just glad he came out and told me instead of sitting at the window with binoculars.

Saturday, May 14, 2005


As a native of Columbus, Ohio - the home of Wendy's I an somewhat partial to their food, having grown up eating it and seeing Dave Thomas around town for various events. Also there are tons of Wendy's in Columbus.

This weekend Wendy's is giving away free Jr. Frostys!! I think that's awesome! (I also think it's awesome that on the first day of this promotion the origin of the finger tissue Ms. Ayala claimed to have found in her chili this spring was discovered - Ms. Ayala's husband's associate lost his finger in an industrial accident this past fall.)

If you have not gone for a free frosty yet, I completely suggest it! The jr. frosty cups are so little and cute - they're the perfect amount of frosty! In fact, my husband suggested spending the weekend driving around town going to Wendy's locations and asking for two jr. frostys, then telling them "Oh, they're free??!! Wow! We didn't know, this is the best day ever!" Then, instead of throwing away the empty cups, throwing them in the backseat of the car, so it ends up piled up with all those little cups where the employees could see them.

Number of free frostys acquired: 2

What would you like for your birthday?

Over the course of the past seven to eight months an interesting thing has happened, because I lost my job just prior to paying off the last bits of our wedding I have been without money for almost the past two years now, the year before the wedding when we were saving and the year after the wedding.

Two things happened yesterday, I got passed up for the perfect job and my mother-in-law asked me what I wanted for my upcoming birthday. The reason these two things are connected is that I have been poor for long enough that it long ago ceased to be fun to even think about the things I could buy when I finally got a new job. This means that when someone asks me what I would like for my birthday I have no idea, it's been so long since I even looked at a catalogue or went to a mall that I have to struggle to think of things I would like to own. This is amusing to me since my previous job was in the fashion industry which allowed me to always be aware of what trends were coming - a year ago I could have given people pages of things I would love to own - I'm not that greedy, but I could have. Now the only things I want are things we need and expensive, so I can't ask for them : the flatware we didn't get for our wedding, an xm radio, a vaccuum that actually works, or the couch.

On a positive note, my husband hunted down a store that sold the special edition dark chocolate twix bars and bought me about ten of them!

Friday, May 06, 2005

So Much More Than Their Bad Rep

On June 20th an unusual thing happened. My new husband and I were standing in line at Port Columbus International Airport checking in for a flight to Rome, when my mom made a joke to Mr. which he did not hear. Consequently, I commented "your mother-in-law is making fun of you" and then distinctly heard my mother say quietly "Oh my god. I'm a Mother-in-Law."

About a month later I made a joke to my husband's mum about "her daughter-in-law" which she reacted strangely to - something which I was unprepared for as everyone in my husband's family has a wonderfully sarcastic sense of humor. Now this may come as a shock, but it turns out the answer lies in the fact that my parents actually like their in-laws, whereas my mother-in-law is not so fond of her own, now ex-husband's mommy. I did not grow up in a house where the term mother-in-law had a negative connotation, although society as whole does treat it as a dirty word. It was bizarre to Mr.'s mum to think of my reference to her by that term as endearing.

Why is it that we as a whole voice this opinion that a mother-in-law is such an awful thing? Mine is an absolute blessing, she is funny, caring, generous - she embodies fun and yet when I am preparing for the absolutely huge second interview I have on Monday I will be calling her instead of my own mother for advice. My mother-in-law is someone I go to for advice when things get tough (except of course if Mr. and I are having a disagreement, that's just unethical.) She is in fact almost perfect, except for those moments when she tries to convince me to pick up our life and move to New Zealand (her country of origin.) In fact, my mother-in-law (not my husband, parents, sisters, best friend, college roommate, etc) was the very first person I called back in October when I was laid off. I walked dazed back to my desk, flipped through my rolodex, found her office phone number.

"I got laid off."

"Ohh. Doesn't that just suck?!"

Had I called my own mom, she would have wanted me to explain, she would have wanted to know all the details and how I was feeling, which I appreciate, but she was not the person I needed, when I was, quite frankly, in need.

I guess my real point is that while I am certain there are moms out there who are a pain in the ass or mean to their sons/daughters-in-law, this is not without exception and that if you are brought up without the concept of hating these people, unless they beg for you to hate them (or you're an awful person) its not gonna happen. Mr. and I have discussed how when we have children it is important to us that they never hear us use the in-law words with disgust, god forbid they learn that predjudice.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The A.D.D. Virus

I've noticed that many people have very misguided views of ADD, for instance that there is no such thing or that everyone who has it is "bouncing off the walls". I recently posted to another blog in response to a post which commented on the author's recent changes to her perceptions of ADD. I was surprised when she took my reference to it as a learning disability in a negative vein, stating that she believes there are many positives traits to ADD.

I was diagnosed when was 10 years old and for many years had a very tough time with my control. I admit it took me several years to develop coping machanisms. Anyone who has ADD understands that there are times when it can be very difficult, most people have filters they don't even think about which block out noises and conversations which do not concern them, we do not. We hear everything.

However, now that I am in my adulthood I realize these traits, once learned give me an edge on most people I encounter. In the office I find I see possibilities no one else puts together because I hear and remember everything. I have an amazing ability to muti-task, or drop everything to work on something time-sensitive which has just arisen. These are just a couple examples of many.

A.D.D is not a crutch, it can be a wonderful thing when it's powers are used for good, instead of annoying the piss out of everyone around.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Either something is true, or it isn't. Do or do not, there is no try.

Recently I have been savoring Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman. In this book, Klosterman comments that he feels that all GenXers were vastly influenced by The Empire Strikes Back, while I agree with this I do not believe it is limited to people born before 1978. His thinking is that this is one of the first movies to impact this generation, and that they all intently wish to be Mark Hamill. Unfortunately, as we all know, despite the fact that Luke is inherently good (I would love to say he's likeable as well, but he's really a whiny bitch) he still loses in a miserable, hand-hacked-off kinda way.

Klosterman's point evolves to state that as we grow up we are faced with a choice : we can keep fighting a war we will inevitably lose or we can give in to the dark side, compromise our dreams and have "a normal life". This point really hits home.

I have a B.A. in Theatre & Philosophy (yeah I know how ridiculous that is) and although I would not trade my education for the world, I was faced with a choice straight out of college. I could persue a serious acting career I knew I would love, but would be extremely hard, OR I could bear down and find "a real job", one that would pay the bills and one I could actually continue whilst following my boyfriend around the globe where his army assignments led him. I chose the latter. He didn't end up in the army. He DID end up proposing, and he DID end up in law school. I ended up working in a thankless job while planning our wedding and being laid off 3 months after we took our vows and 2 months after he began his first semester of law school.

Somedays I wonder which choice was actually the safe one.