Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The A.D.D. Virus

I've noticed that many people have very misguided views of ADD, for instance that there is no such thing or that everyone who has it is "bouncing off the walls". I recently posted to another blog in response to a post which commented on the author's recent changes to her perceptions of ADD. I was surprised when she took my reference to it as a learning disability in a negative vein, stating that she believes there are many positives traits to ADD.

I was diagnosed when was 10 years old and for many years had a very tough time with my control. I admit it took me several years to develop coping machanisms. Anyone who has ADD understands that there are times when it can be very difficult, most people have filters they don't even think about which block out noises and conversations which do not concern them, we do not. We hear everything.

However, now that I am in my adulthood I realize these traits, once learned give me an edge on most people I encounter. In the office I find I see possibilities no one else puts together because I hear and remember everything. I have an amazing ability to muti-task, or drop everything to work on something time-sensitive which has just arisen. These are just a couple examples of many.

A.D.D is not a crutch, it can be a wonderful thing when it's powers are used for good, instead of annoying the piss out of everyone around.


Blogger NOTR said...

You are so lucky to have survived the witch doctors who diagnosed you as ADD.

It's sorta like "acid reflux" disease. No one knows they have it until the drug companies start telling you in ads to talk to your doctor about your "disease".

Is sounds to me like your ADD was really how a very bright active young person acts. Our schools and society now medicate instead of develop these young people. How many Einsteins have we killed as little people by medicating them to mediocrity?

9:53 PM  
Blogger Dunyasha said...

I think you may have misunderstood me. I am not saying ADD is a made up disease, merely that it is not a negative thing. I am also not saying that medication is an awful thing. I have taken medications I find extremely helpful and others which I find more of a hinderance, but the fact remains, the medications as a whole are a marvelous thing.

I actually take some offense to your phrasing of "witch doctors," the doctors who diagnosed me are wonderful doctors, as well as very good people and highly educated in ADD - something which not everyone is.

12:52 AM  
Blogger Dunyasha said...

Furthermore, our schools do NOT "medicate instead of help". I know this for a fact as a woman whose mother is a kindergarten teacher. Teachers are taught to recognize learning disabilities and parents have the option of following teachers advice, or not. However, the teacher do not medicate children into mediocrity as you say, they suggest treatment to children who are in need of help! Teachers are not the enemy - their purpose is to give your child the best education possible and part of that is recoginizing learning disabilities.

As for acid reflux...
At the age of 13 my sister started throwing up EVERYDAY. She was not bulemic, she was not trying to do this, she wanted it to stop, after all who wants to be vomiting more than once a day? When she finally told my mom, my mom was shocked and immediately took her to a doctor of course. My sister has a form of acid reflux called GURD. The doctors told her to stop eating tomatoes, citrus fruits, caffiene and chocolate (has caffiene in it), and they did of course medicate her. The result is that 8 years later, now that she has stopped eating meat she can sometimes have a cup of coffee or a chocolate bar and she doesn't throw up everyday, every year it gets a little better. But again I take offense to your attitude! Had my sister not been diagnosed when she was she would have continued to vomit more and more often. The result of this much acid in your esophogas? Cancer.

Please. If you have no experience in these matters, do some research before you speak.

8:50 AM  

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