Sunday, May 15, 2005

My Husband Has a One-Track Mind

We live in an apartment complex. There is a building very close to ours, so that when we walk into our bedroom the first thing we see is a window which looks immediately into our neighbor in the next building's window. This is not something we thought anything of until about a year ago when naked girl moved in. This does provide for some amusement in the sense that we are able to make jokes about ugly-naked-guy on Friends. Naked girl is not ugly, but she does tend to walk around naked and leave her blinds open. We had forgotten about her for a while now, because the blinds in her bedroom have been shut. She does however, leave her living room blinds open.

Last evening my husband was doing some laundry (isn't he awesome?) and went into our bedroom to retrieve the next load. When he came back into our laundry room he was laughing very hard. Turns out that naked girl has a boyfriend, well we assume she does. She has a very hairy, male friend who was also walking around naked last night. Well... to be honest they weren't doing much walking exactly, but there was a LOT of movement, which they seemed to be enjoying soundly.

This morning as we were leaving church, my husband started giggling, when I asked him why, all he could say was "naked girl got banged in her living room!" Periodically throughout the day the giggling has continued. To be honest though, I'm just glad he came out and told me instead of sitting at the window with binoculars.


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LOL made me,laugh.. hairy friend

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