Monday, May 16, 2005

NBC, Teaching America's Children its OK to Quit

I am so sick of NBC. Every time I get into a good new show and I actually get excited they cancel it before it even has a chance, but they keep shows like The Biggest Loser and The Office. The Office may be hugely popular in the U.K. and the U.S. version maybe critically acclaimed, but it's ratings blow and its just not funny. I generally like NBC shows over other networks, however this season they have cancelled at least 4 shows I really liked without giving them a shot for people to even figure out they are on. Every time I start to get attached to a show and start telling my friends how great it is, it's already too late. The result? I watch shows on CBS and ABC because at least there is a chance those shows might remain for a whole year or two. My biggest problem is that apparently NBC has decided that if something isn't instantly a massive hit there is no way it ever will be. Stop saying it's okay to be a quitter! Last Comic Standing?? Cancelled before the last episode! How much could it possibly cost to let people see who won?? It's getting to the point where my only choices are reality shows, shows which actually should have been cancelled 17 years ago, or one of the 800 Law & Order spinoffs (which I actually like, but I'd like be able to watch a sitcom now and then!)

Some of NBCs screw-ups (mostly recent):
  • Committed
  • LAX
  • Hawaii
  • American Dreams
  • Sports Night
  • Law & Order : Trial by Jury
  • Good Morning, Miami

So I propose everyone who can relate should write in to NBC and tell them to knock off these shenanigans! Tell them enough is enough and to bring back Committed!! NBC apparently does not feel the need to listen to what viewers think by actually listing an address or a customer service email on their website so I suggest sending your comments to the email they have set up for sports related questions, they'll forward your comments to the appropriate person and if it bothers them, its their own damn fault for not making it easier for their customers to voice concerns!


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i loved Committed.

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