Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Shopping Cart Laziness

Today while I waiting to meet up with my mom at a local store I watched a woman pull her empty shopping cart up to the front of the store, in front of a display outside, approximately 10 feet from the front door of the store before returning to her car. She couldn't walk the extra 10 feet to bring the cart inside? She couldn't walk the cart an equal distance to a cart corral? When I saw this I looked around the parking lot for other examples of this particular brand of laziness, I counted at least 7 empty shopping carts stranded in various areas of the parking lot, and those are just the ones I could see from where I was sitting.
The reason I was sitting outside? It was a nice day, somewhat sunny and very warm, which is precisely why I can't decipher why someone would choose to be so lazy and inconsiderate. Unfortunately we all know this happens all the time. I admit I have even been the culprit once or twice (although the times fell victim to this trait it was storming and I was in my nicest suit.)
The reason I bring this up is that I believe this to be the epitome of American laziness. We are lazy and egotistical, we choose not to think of the workers at the store who have to go out and collect these carts, but think only of ourselves and the fact that we would rather not trot across the parking lot to put the cart in the designated area.


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