Saturday, May 14, 2005


As a native of Columbus, Ohio - the home of Wendy's I an somewhat partial to their food, having grown up eating it and seeing Dave Thomas around town for various events. Also there are tons of Wendy's in Columbus.

This weekend Wendy's is giving away free Jr. Frostys!! I think that's awesome! (I also think it's awesome that on the first day of this promotion the origin of the finger tissue Ms. Ayala claimed to have found in her chili this spring was discovered - Ms. Ayala's husband's associate lost his finger in an industrial accident this past fall.)

If you have not gone for a free frosty yet, I completely suggest it! The jr. frosty cups are so little and cute - they're the perfect amount of frosty! In fact, my husband suggested spending the weekend driving around town going to Wendy's locations and asking for two jr. frostys, then telling them "Oh, they're free??!! Wow! We didn't know, this is the best day ever!" Then, instead of throwing away the empty cups, throwing them in the backseat of the car, so it ends up piled up with all those little cups where the employees could see them.

Number of free frostys acquired: 2


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