Wednesday, June 29, 2005

An End In Sight

Well, the end is in sight.After eight long months of unemployment, I have found a job. I have been hired back by the company that laid me off eight months ago, to work for the same (great) boss, for slightly more money. I'm very happy, but somehow I don't see how this helps the company cut costs, seems a bit looney if you ask me.

I start on the fifth and the company I am working part time for right now still as of today had not posted the opening for my position, which is funny because it is abundantly obvious they can't handle the volume of work with me there. When I leave the amount of people to handle this work will be reduced almost by a third.

Fortunately for me this means while I try to help them get caught up before I leave I am working full time for the next few days. Unfortunately, that paycheck won't come until next Friday and until then we can't buy bread or milk.


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