Friday, June 10, 2005

Playstation & Lucky Stripes

Several months ago the tennants who live underneath me mysteriously disappeared (they had only been there a couple months and I never saw them move out, they didn't even stop their paper, among other things.) In their place Noisy Boys moved in. From day one their bass was so loud it actually made the floor in our apartment vibrate, some days it is actually loud enough we can hear it in the shower. We considered complaining, but decided to give them the benefit of the doubt (maybe once they were settled it would die down.) Instead, one day we came home to a notice on our door to call the office because we had received a Noise Complaint. Upon calling the office we were told our new neighbors had complained of "persistant stomping", the leasing agents were very nice and pointed out how silly they thought this was, especially considering in two years they have received a complaint about us.

The noise did NOT die down.

A few days later I was out on our balcony when I realized Noisy Boys are smokers. The Mister and I really like fresh air. We keep all the windows open whenever possible and I was not thrilled at the prospect of their smoke wafting into our apartment uninvited.

Now that it's summer I have been enjoying reading in the late afternoon sun by the pool after work to de-stress from my thoroughly unenjoyable temporary job. Today while laying out there I came to the realization that I was the only person there over the age of 10 who wasn't smoking.

Maybe its me.


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