Friday, July 29, 2005

Come to my party! Where is it? seriously?

Tomorrow my husband and I are heading to wedding. It's the wedding of a friend of mine from college who I have not seen in a few years. It should be an adventure.

Besides the fact that I couldn't tell the bride from your basic man on the street, and that the only friend of mine I know is invited to the wedding cannot come because he is taking the bar that day, (good luck Ken!!) the invitation was slightly vague about the location of this shindig.

please come to the wedding of

Miss X
Mr X

Saturday July 30, 2005

Lake XXXX Gazebo
everytown, OH

Honestly. You cannot make this up. There was. NO. address. How we are meant to find this place I have not a clue. Granted this town is pretty much centered around this lake, however I did not know that. I am from about two hours away and I am certain I am not the only guest not from randomville, OH.

I only hope that by the time we find the ceremony location their gift is not broken from rattling around in our car for 3.5 hours.


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