Thursday, July 28, 2005

Do nudists have nude funerals?

A few nights ago, on the hottest day of the year - the day there was a heat advisory in effect until midnight - a power line near my apartment was snapped while I was running out to get some Ben & Jerry's. Returning home with my tasty treat I found my husband trying to read his law textbooks by candlelight.

As the lights came back on though, I noticed that NakedGirl's blinds were open because like most others she had attempted to get as much natural light into her apartment as possible. However, I soon realized that the gal traipsing through the neighboring apartment - was not NakedGirl *gasp*. She must have moved. I had been wondering what had happened to her dog-who-never-shut-up. This means someone else now has the pleasure of seeing he trotting around her apartment au natural. Maybe she moved in with Big-Hairy-Dude.


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