Thursday, August 18, 2005

I've been possessed.

6:15am: The incessant beeping of my alarm wakes me husband who rolls over and patients tries to wake my limp body with the success of my first driving test.

6:25 am: He manages to cause me to prise my eyes open, glare at him, and roll back over.

6:30am: He finally coerces me to get out of bed, slamming the bathroom door as I leave the room.

6:35am: I am a monster. My snooze alarm sounds once more, this time as I am padding into our kitchen just quickly enough to avoid the furball nipping at my heels. I listen for a second, growl at the fact that he made me get up, decide he deserves it and continue on to feed the cat.

7:05am: My eyes clear to find myself munching on a breakfast bar watching the opening minutes of the Today Show... although I have not fallen asleep again, I have no recollection of that past half hour. I stumble in to the shower, setting the kitchen timer on my way so this does not happen again.

9:22am: I sit chugging coffee I barely remembered to bring at my desk, eyes glazed over. I may wake up by time for our departmental meeting at 11.


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