Friday, September 16, 2005

a blogger by any other name

Obviously, (or perhaps not) my given name as well as the name I go by is not Dunyasha.

Like many people I choose to affect a different name for my blog persona. This is not the only place I use the name, but it suits the situation well. Why Dunyasha? An unusual Russian name for a French/Irish/American? My BA is in acting/playwriting. In undergrad, the first decent-sized speaking role I had was in the classic The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov. My role was that of the maid, Dunyasha, a flighty girl who is crushed out on another servant and in our production conceived an illegitimate child with him. Dunyasha was not my favorite role I have ever played, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the part. The director was one of the best I have ever worked for and the play spurs the intellect I can't deny deep within.

More than a year after that play was finished The Acting Company performed at my school. After their show my classmates went drinking with the actors and ended up partying after hours in the hotel room of one of the actors. I was very involved with the man who would become my husband already, but that didn't stop me from being dead hot for the man whose room we were hanging in. As the party progressed I found myself sitting off in a corner chatting with him, and this is the point where I reveal my utter dorkiness. Everyone else in the room was shitfaced, just having fun, Christian and I? We were discussing the merits of brilliant dramatists such as Shakespeare and Chekhov. We agreed that Chekhov was one of our favorites because there is so much room to delve into the details.

The part that makes me really dorky? He was hotter to me because of his intellect and knowledge of theatre and music.


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