Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Coffee beans ...err....noodles?

The other day I was running late getting ready for work.

well... that's a bit of an understatement. About twice a week I run so late in the mornings my brain ceases to function what with all the freaking out going on inside it. To prevent this I carry around an egg timer which I set at five or ten minute intervals every morning so I am constantly reminded of what time it is. Some mornings it works better than others.

On one of these bad mornings last week while I was trying to figure out how to simultaneously pee, put on makeup, find my id badge, make lunch and coffee; my husband was sweet enough to make the coffee for me. He even washed the mug, well most of it.

I got to work, opened the top of the lid to find crusties. Well I couldn't deal with that, but I needed the coffee so I decided to pour it into the mug I keep at my desk for tea. As I was pouring I saw something odd plunk into my mug. After staring, scared, at the mug for a moment I found a plastic fork and dragged out...a macaroni noodle.

My husband's response when I asked him how it got there?

"Shhh, that's the secret ingredient!"


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