Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Mother Down Under

This post was supposed to be entitled reasons my mother in law is better than yours, unfortunately I seem to have made an error.

My husband's mother was born and lived for the first ten years of her life in New Zealand. Yes, that's right that teeny two-island nation everyone thought of as an afterthought to Australia, if they remembered it until The Lord of the Rings came out. The one that takes a flight to California and then a 13-hour flight to get to. I thought that was pretty cool, until she started trying to convince us to move there because she wanted to move back. Most newlyweds get harrassed by their familes to have babies, we get harrassed to move halfway across the globe.

A few months ago I noticed after I pointed out that if we moved I would be leaving my entire family behind she stopped pestering us. I thought maybe she had given up on the idea since she was no longer pointing out how no matter where yu live you're always at least within 2 hours of the ocean and that you can pretty much have whatever climate you'd like depending on whether you live on the northern or southern island.

Last weekend she mentioned that she had budgeted money so that when she moves a year from now she can fly us over once a year. She also told us she budgeted money so she could fly herself over twice a year to see us.

Great. Now instead of being my awesome mother in law who lives 2 hours away she's going to be my distant mother in law who invades my apartment twice a year.


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