Friday, October 28, 2005

A Different Side of Romance

I tend to joke around about serious things as many very insecure people do. For some reason I used to have this idea that a man had to romantic, that a marriage proposal should be big, dramatic and so romantic that everyone would gush when they heard about it. That man is not my husband.

When we got engaged everything he tried to do went wrong. When people asked about it I would laugh and tell them everything that went wrong and tell them how he proposed as a sidenote. The truth is I was embarrassed by the attention. The truth is that when my husband proposed he shocked the hell out of me. He not the most emotional guy, although he is a very deep person, he hides it well.

Well here goes. My husband pulled me into a corner of the theatre wing at Ashland University, in the very same building we met 5 years before. He pulled my ring out of his back pocket while telling me he had been waiting to ask me to marry him until he felt financially secure, but he realized that the only important thing was that we were together.

Just the other day he told me for the first time that I took his breath away when I walked down the aisle.

What was I thinking, not romantic??

"It has the best use of smoke I've ever seen."

These are the words my sister's friend used to describe Good Night, and Good Luck. in trying to convince my husband and I to go see the flick last weekend. Although slightly unnervered by this unusual (and pretentious sounding) compliment we took the jaunt down to the Drexel to see it, and I'm glad we did.

I admit I loved watching the movie for it's look, the fashion & movement, I loved hearing it for the phrases and the music (Rosemary Clooney's band and musical arrangements), but most importantly I loved the movie for it's intellect and talent. George Clooney, David Strathairn and Ray Wise gave brilliant performances. David Strathairn's calm composure only strengthened his quiet storm of strength against those who would threaten the freedoms this country was built upon. Ray Wise's character appears to feed off Strathairn's strength, as you can almost witness Wise's lack of inner strength crumbling. Wise, is likeable and good but weak - you don't quite know whether you should hug him or shake him.

As for the use of smoke....

I've heard (and given) my share of theatrical snobbery in the past and that comment is by no means the worst, but my reaction to the smoke was quite different. I couldn't stop thinking, "he smoked on air??? That would never happen today" I found it interesting to flash back to a day not so long ago when it was not only legal, but socially acceptable to smoke pretty much anywhere.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I generally try not to harp on politics or religion in my writing, however it happens to be what's been on my mind the past couple days.

We've all heard that adage that about 3% of people do all the work, at my church my family is known as part of that 3%. I don't consider myself to be wildly catholic, more of an intellectual cradle catholic I suppose. At any rate, I do my part. I've been in the choir since about birth (ok it was more like kindergarten) and a year ago I coerced my husband into joining up as well. A short time ago I opted to volunteer to lector (the fancy catholic term for reader) at masses, something I had not done in eight years.

This Sunday was my first day lectoring, it was a little bit hectic as I had to constantly go back and forth with my duties, so I was a little bewildered, stressed and nervous. As we set out to process down the center aisle to begin mass, I noticed the priest was no one I recognized. When he began his homily he introduced himself to us. He was a priest from a neighboring parish and he happened to be young and attractive, so I was glad to see him, until he began to speak.

The passage I read to the congregation was about loving your neighbor and not taking advantage of people just because you have the ability. This young priest twisted these words into a political rant essentially stating that if we believed abortion could be right for anyone we were wrong and should realize it. He also directly pointed out that the church does not believe in abortion, so therefore, hate abortion or go to hell. His next point was on stem cell research, on which his belief is that no matter how nice the thought of curing Alzheimer's or MS is, we have a responsibility not to utilize this research.

I go to mass to have my faith deepened, to have the readings interpreted in a way I may not have seen. Not this week apparently.

Friday, October 21, 2005

La Bonne Dame Francais

The more dependent I become on caffeine now that I have a job with normal good ole American 8:30-5:30 hours, the more I try to keep it from becoming habit. I know this is a fruitless effort, but still I try to not drink it some days, or to put more milk in it. This more milk thing is actually kind of good, it evokes a feeling of cafe au lait, of my french grandmother. I think of this because in the book Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, (and I do mean the book, not the movie which is crap) at one point a character talks about how she learned to drink her coffee that way, lots of milk, a little sugar and a little coffee - cafe au lait down in Lousiana.

In my mind nothing that ever brings my grandmother to mind could be a bad thing. Ursula was this frail little Quebecqois (french canadian) woman, religious almost but just barely not, to a fault and touched with superstition. We used to say if anyone had a direct line to "the man upstairs", as she called God it was her. If you asked her to pray for something, it happened.

There's no way for me to decribe the quality that made her so loveable and dear to me, but her idiosyncracies which grew as she aged are what I think of now - she was so frail she would sort of propell herself across a room so she would't falter, she spoke in franglais (a broken combination of french and english) or would tell us she had forgotten the english words. When she met my husband at a party before we were dating, although she had also just met my boyfriend at the time of two years and yet when she met Sean she got me alone and pointedly said, "I like him." When I pointed out to her that I wasn't dating him, she surprised me and said in a voice that told me I was younger than I knew, "I know."

When my husband proposed there was one thing I wanted at my wedding - her. She told me "if the big man upstairs allows it." Apparently it just wasn't in the cards. She passed 11 months before we exchanged vows. However she still managed to make her presence felt, in keeping with tradition I placed a rosary on my parent's windowsill the day of the wedding to ward off bad weather because there was a storm coming. My aunt brought Ursula's rosary and to me nothing was more fitting. The weather could not have been more beatiful - a wind came down from (where else??) Canada to blow those storm clouds away.

To me, anytime I am reminded of the Ya ya Sisterhood, I think of the caharecter Genevieve's death. In sharing the news they say "the good french lady has passed on." That is how I forever remember Ursula's passing, the good french lady is gone.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

An Open Letter to Stephen Lynch

Dear Stephen,

You write in your FAQ page that you are single because although you have been playing guitar for at least six years you still suck. I am sorry you feel this way and I am here to help boost your self-confidence by offering myself to you. See, I believe you to be highly attractive, creative and talented. I also feel that anyone as warped as you obviously are, has got to be stellar in the bedroom!

You're probably thinking, now Dunyasha, aren't you married? Well yes I am, but I can assure you that would not be a problem. My husband wouldn't mind, as long as you sang Voices in my Head for him at least 37 times every day. No really. Plus, you're on my list and he already agreed to that.

You also may wonder if I would be able to cope with your schedule. If you've been reading my page (which let's face it you haven't) you'd know that I have been acting since the tender age of 13. I understand that you would be touring and that you are slated to be appearing in the broadway version of The Wedding Singer, and I would never dream of using your friends as contacts so I could get some good auditions (unless of course you wanted to help me out, which as my second husband you really should want to!) It would also be really great if I could come with you next time you're on O&A, since I'd love to meet them!

If this interests you at all, I will hopefully be at your show on 10/28 so you can see if I'm woman enough for ya.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Birthdays, Phone Service & Painting

My sisters birthday/s is/are coming up. (The explanation to my bizarre grammar there is that I have two sisters who were born on the same day, two years apart.)

I bring this up because a couple weeks ago I began to think about what to buy them. I found an item I thought the older of the two would like very much in a magazine and stopped into a local store to purchase it. They didn't have it. They told me they would order it and call me the next day.

The next day came, no call or message.

A week later I was at the local malll with my husband and he pointed out that there was another store which happened to be in that mall which ought to have the item, so we went in. They didn't have it (you can see where this is going,) so they promised to order it and call me the next day.

Two days later when I still had not received a call I picked up our phone to call them (store B). No dial tone. Suddenly I realize while we have been painting our bedroom the past few days my husband has unplugged our cable phone, great. The wall still needs another coat of paint and the outlet is entirely taped over, so I let it go.

Yesterday, I called store B from work, I am told the gal will call me at 2pm. At 1:15 I receive a message, I'm excited, as I imagine store B has figured out what is going on early!

I check the message - It's store A. I had forgotten about them, assuming they lost the order. They have the item in and on hold for me.

Fortunately our bedroom is almost done. I don't think I can stand the insanity of sleeping in the smack center of the room anymore.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Just hear those sleigh bells.... door didn't win & the BlueJackets lost, bad news all around I guess.

On the other hand the Jackets won on Sunday evening against Chicago and I have officially started my Christmas shopping. I may even be close to half done. My husband can't stop making cracks that I'm well on my way to being one of those little old ladies who has their Christmas shopping done in Feb at the ripe old age of...26. He's all talk though because he loves the idea of wandering the malls stress-free on Dec 21st watching all the people who aren't done battling it out. To each his own.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Five Minutes For Fighting

Oh, I am just so excited I am all a twitter! I am going to the home opener for the Columbus Bluejackets tonight and I cannot wait.

Last year there was no hockey.
The year before I worked a job which required me to be there pretty much everyday (yes, Saturdays & Sundays) until 9pm = no hockey for me.

This means the last time I went to a hockey game was most likely in the spring of 2004.

Now I know what you are thinking....well actually there could be a couple things. You could be thinking "Why Dunyasha, you don't so much seem like a sports kinda gal?" You'd be right. I'm not. In high school I was on the flag corps for the marching band and when I came home from the games I didn't even know if our team had won (although to be fair, we never won.) So, yeah. I don't like sports, I love hockey. I love the fast pace, I love the arena, I love the action, I love the fighting, I love the game itself.

Now you also could be thinking, "Really?? The Bluejackets??"

at that I would scoff. I'm not a fairweather fan and my baby of a team will kick your asses yet.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Life is Pain, anyone who says otherwise is selling something

After living in the same apartment for 2 years, with the knowledge that as my hubby is only halfway through law school we will be living there for at least another two years I lost the ability to live in a white & beige apartment.

So broke down. I bought paint.

At first I thought this was a terrific idea, I was so excited to claim my space with bright colors to reflect who we are: yellow & blue for our european countryside kitchen, soft jade in the bedroom and white, tan, turquoise and red in the living room to echo our treasured honeymoon photos from Greece....

That was Saturday. Today is Thursday. I am covered in paint flecks, tired, sore and the apt is still not finished.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I've always wanted to be a Finalist!

If you've never browsed through FrontDoors, now is the perfect time to check it out! At the end of every month readers vote on their favorite of the doors submitted over the past month. One of the 3 finalist from September is a photo my wonderful husband spent about a millenia taking in the ridiculous summer heat on Santorini.

Vote Columbus to Mykonos!