Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Birthdays, Phone Service & Painting

My sisters birthday/s is/are coming up. (The explanation to my bizarre grammar there is that I have two sisters who were born on the same day, two years apart.)

I bring this up because a couple weeks ago I began to think about what to buy them. I found an item I thought the older of the two would like very much in a magazine and stopped into a local store to purchase it. They didn't have it. They told me they would order it and call me the next day.

The next day came, no call or message.

A week later I was at the local malll with my husband and he pointed out that there was another store which happened to be in that mall which ought to have the item, so we went in. They didn't have it (you can see where this is going,) so they promised to order it and call me the next day.

Two days later when I still had not received a call I picked up our phone to call them (store B). No dial tone. Suddenly I realize while we have been painting our bedroom the past few days my husband has unplugged our cable phone, great. The wall still needs another coat of paint and the outlet is entirely taped over, so I let it go.

Yesterday, I called store B from work, I am told the gal will call me at 2pm. At 1:15 I receive a message, I'm excited, as I imagine store B has figured out what is going on early!

I check the message - It's store A. I had forgotten about them, assuming they lost the order. They have the item in and on hold for me.

Fortunately our bedroom is almost done. I don't think I can stand the insanity of sleeping in the smack center of the room anymore.


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