Friday, October 28, 2005

A Different Side of Romance

I tend to joke around about serious things as many very insecure people do. For some reason I used to have this idea that a man had to romantic, that a marriage proposal should be big, dramatic and so romantic that everyone would gush when they heard about it. That man is not my husband.

When we got engaged everything he tried to do went wrong. When people asked about it I would laugh and tell them everything that went wrong and tell them how he proposed as a sidenote. The truth is I was embarrassed by the attention. The truth is that when my husband proposed he shocked the hell out of me. He not the most emotional guy, although he is a very deep person, he hides it well.

Well here goes. My husband pulled me into a corner of the theatre wing at Ashland University, in the very same building we met 5 years before. He pulled my ring out of his back pocket while telling me he had been waiting to ask me to marry him until he felt financially secure, but he realized that the only important thing was that we were together.

Just the other day he told me for the first time that I took his breath away when I walked down the aisle.

What was I thinking, not romantic??


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