Friday, October 07, 2005

Five Minutes For Fighting

Oh, I am just so excited I am all a twitter! I am going to the home opener for the Columbus Bluejackets tonight and I cannot wait.

Last year there was no hockey.
The year before I worked a job which required me to be there pretty much everyday (yes, Saturdays & Sundays) until 9pm = no hockey for me.

This means the last time I went to a hockey game was most likely in the spring of 2004.

Now I know what you are thinking....well actually there could be a couple things. You could be thinking "Why Dunyasha, you don't so much seem like a sports kinda gal?" You'd be right. I'm not. In high school I was on the flag corps for the marching band and when I came home from the games I didn't even know if our team had won (although to be fair, we never won.) So, yeah. I don't like sports, I love hockey. I love the fast pace, I love the arena, I love the action, I love the fighting, I love the game itself.

Now you also could be thinking, "Really?? The Bluejackets??"

at that I would scoff. I'm not a fairweather fan and my baby of a team will kick your asses yet.


Blogger Kel said...

Yea, hockey! Absolutely the best sport; so glad it's back this year. If only broadcasters would catch on and educate everyone else! Hope you get to go to a lot of games this season.

My team (Nashville Predators) will be in your town on the 26th... and the 23rd of November... and the 23rd of December, but it doesn't look like the your team is headed this way until February.

I'll look forward to checking out your "baby" of a team then.

4:06 PM  

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