Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I generally try not to harp on politics or religion in my writing, however it happens to be what's been on my mind the past couple days.

We've all heard that adage that about 3% of people do all the work, at my church my family is known as part of that 3%. I don't consider myself to be wildly catholic, more of an intellectual cradle catholic I suppose. At any rate, I do my part. I've been in the choir since about birth (ok it was more like kindergarten) and a year ago I coerced my husband into joining up as well. A short time ago I opted to volunteer to lector (the fancy catholic term for reader) at masses, something I had not done in eight years.

This Sunday was my first day lectoring, it was a little bit hectic as I had to constantly go back and forth with my duties, so I was a little bewildered, stressed and nervous. As we set out to process down the center aisle to begin mass, I noticed the priest was no one I recognized. When he began his homily he introduced himself to us. He was a priest from a neighboring parish and he happened to be young and attractive, so I was glad to see him, until he began to speak.

The passage I read to the congregation was about loving your neighbor and not taking advantage of people just because you have the ability. This young priest twisted these words into a political rant essentially stating that if we believed abortion could be right for anyone we were wrong and should realize it. He also directly pointed out that the church does not believe in abortion, so therefore, hate abortion or go to hell. His next point was on stem cell research, on which his belief is that no matter how nice the thought of curing Alzheimer's or MS is, we have a responsibility not to utilize this research.

I go to mass to have my faith deepened, to have the readings interpreted in a way I may not have seen. Not this week apparently.


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