Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Coffee? Sure! Vomit?...not so much.

Just as any actor worth his salt I love my coffee. It's not just the caffeine its the warmth too, somehow on a cold or otherwise just plain bad day a hot cup in your hands of that familiar just-so brown liquid seems so comforting, like your favorite sweater. I shyed away from it for years thinking I ought to like it due simply to my French-Canadian roots. Then one very cold day in a theatre I used to work for which was housed in an old brick warehouse which never retained heat well when the house was full, (imagine a room which usually holds the body heat of 150 people with 15 people even if you cranked the heat way up it wouldn't do thaty much good) I was tempted to give the stern adult drink an honest try.

At just 18 I was the youngest actor in the theatre, I wasn't quite used to the rehearsal process yet. We were going through our monthly process of refining our newest show which would then open the following week. It was a long process, I knew I would be there all day. It was cold, It was early. Wrapping myself in a blanket just wasn't cutting it, I needed warmth in my hands, inside... and a coffee drinker was born.

I love coffee and I'm usually very willing to try new things, however I might just have to draw the line at Weasel Coffee. I received a communication today about it which the luxury drink was described in this way, "This stuff looks just like normal coffee and smells like it too, but it differs in one significant respect: it's made from weasel sick."

Whatwhatwhat???? exactly.


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