Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Reality of the Addition

I fought the good fight. I was determined to hate, no loathe all reality television. After all, I do love theatre passionately and isn't reality tv stealing already sparse jobs from deserving actors, writers and directors and handing them over to, well goldiggers for lack of a better term.

Survirvor? Fear Factor? American Idol? The Amazing Race? The Real Gilligan's Island??? What could possibly be entertaining about watching a twentysomething midwest gal dressed up as MaryAnn eating gross shit?

I was full on into my battle when....Trump has a show? Well maybe I could just watch it once, out of curiousity of course.

and, well I do love Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, I guess that's reality tv too.

and, well how could an intellectual snob like myself not perk up when all the critics were hailing Project Runway and after all, wasn't it on Bravo? Now that had to warrant a viewing. Oh, but I missed it until the season finale, so that meant I had to watch the entire season in the two nights before the finale aired so I could properly understand.

Next, I tried to maintain my integrity by lying, not admitting to watching reality tv - or only admitting to The Apprentice and referring to it as "my guilty pleasure." Somehow it didn't occur to me that these other shows I had come to love also fell into that genre.

So, in the end I have succumb to the temptress of bitching and backstabbing, I've thought about quitting them, but who am I kidding? I'm hooked.

but I still don't like that gross shit.


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