Monday, March 13, 2006

Bah. see what good moods do for ya?!

I started off today in yet another blasphemously fantastic day. I was so happy I was jittery as though I'd drank the weight of North America in coffee.

Then lunch came. *sigh*

I thought I'd have some private time and take a lil drive in my car. Obviously I was not meant to have such outrageous ideas. Let me say that I own not one, but in fact four umbrellas. None of them currently reside in my car. That would have been sensible. Also it might have protected me from the tsunami I just had to run through. My jeans are actually plastered to my legs.

Also, while in my car I discovered my phone service has been turned off when I attempted to call the Mr.

I just want to know what I did wrong!!!


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