Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Brightest Gloomy Day of My Life

Anyone who is a fan of my melancholy may as well stop reading now, you won't find that here. The events of the past few weeks have banished that from my temperment. Today the sky is gray, its raining, I woke up late after getting only a few hours sleep, I'm so tired my eyes are dry and I have a horrendously ugly & painful bruise on my left knee...but in spite of it all I am breathlessly happy.

I think this is a perfect example of how you choose what happens to you and that perspective is everything.

As I write this I am sitting my car, my beloved Mazda5 which though used is still my first new car, and although the circumstances which forced me to buy it were less than ideal I love the car so much and I no longer have to worry about how and when and where my old hand me down would finally pass away. I'm staring at the gloomiest gary sky and yet all I hear is the birds chirping and the blast of Gavin DeGraw from my stereo. I'm on my lunch from a job which I was laid off from, came back to a role lower, but was recently promoted to the old role and just today received an award with my team. In short, on only a few hours sleep, I'm too deliriously happy to be tired. And to prove my point, when I began thinking about this there happened to be a sheaf of paper in my normally extremely clean car.

Maybe its the music, maybe the attitude or the approaching spring, but I think this is the start of something good...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buck up camper. Here, let me forward my theory of all things relative to each other to you. As far as I can tell, this is my thought and no one elses. It has been noted that upon the viewing of a glass halfway filled with water, some would say that glass was half full. These folks are dubbed optimists. Others take the same view and say the glass is half empty. These folks are then considered as "Pessimists". Then there is me. I veiw the glass and say "Neutral". We dont always have to choose a side. And If I feel those around me want the glass to be half empty, then I may decide its half full. This might seem like incoherent ramblings of a creep, and I assure you it is. However, my lesson is that I start each day neutral, and see where the road takes me. This way I tend to be more optimistic towards situations that may not lend themselves to be that way. All in all, I hope you have brighter days. Indeed, this is the start of something good. :)
That tec guy.

3:49 PM  
Blogger Dunyasha said...

I have a different view. I am what some may call a depressed eternal optimist. I think we each chose our destinys and that the right options are out there, we just have to pick up, smile and decide to do what will make us happy.

Unfortunately, sometime life gets in the way.

12:10 PM  

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