Sunday, April 23, 2006

The iPod Perspectives: call me anti-social

I love my alone time. It makes me strut like the hot girls you might see in commercials who know you want them and damned if they care what you think.

The moment I leave the cafe at work my earphones slip into my ears, each step a little quicker, a little sassier in time with the music. As I throw myself through the revolving doors and knock the sunglasses down onto my face, I rip the band out of my hair, shaking loose my ponytail in the sun. When I reach my car I drive all the way to the back row of the parking lot and park facing the building, the sun streaming in through my windshield and open sunroof warming my face and shoulders.

From here I can remove myself from the burdens of my life and just bask in the sun & the music, for 50 minutes I am calm, I am more myself than ever.

For 50 minutes no one can hurt or judge me.


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