Saturday, April 15, 2006

Irrational Insensitivity to the Max

How do you forgive someone for deserting you?

You're supposed to hate your mother-in-law, isn't that what it says in the handbook? Well so far I haven't , but it seems I am about to. My MIL is not a native American, she moved here at age 10 and now that she's lived here for over 40 years, built a life here complete with two sons, a daughter-in-law, multiple siblings and a friendly ex-husband and now she wants to move home. No, not just wants to - she IS moving home, and she's got my brother-in-law, the only brother I've ever had in tow.


Just like that two of my biggest confidants will be gone to another timezone, another continent. I shouldn't feel like they are deserting me and I shouldn't be mad, but I am! I'm fucking pissed as hell. and also very, very hurt. This leaves me feeling raw and unprotected. alone. They're leaving me forever, going somewhere where it takes more than 20 hours a on a plane to get there from here.

If that's not desertion I don't know what is.


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